Fresh out the factory! Solid 12 seater French oak table and bench set. Solid French oak wall unit – contemporary but warm.



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  1. Don’t paint it! Atleast don’t paint the entire thing. I don’t know if I can deicbsre this well but here goes…1. Looking at the side of the desk. I would paint in the inlaid shape border with a sage and ivory check border.2. On the center section of that shape I would decopage some of the sage and ivory toile that you used in the room.3. For the inside of the desk. I would line the interior walls with toile. Up until the groove for the rolltop. I would make a blotter using the same colors and off the front of the blotter I would have a little pleated skirt hanging over the front edge — so that when the rolltop is closed a bit of the pattern shows.4. On the legs of the desk (and possibly the skirt of the desk) I would do wide ivory and sage stripes.Is this over the top or what?


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