Designed with Passion

Everything about us has been built beautifully and purposefully by our passionate team.

With each kitchen and piece of furniture we become excited to release this labor of love to our clients.

Natural Wood

Wood is a hard, fibrous structural tissue, the Earth contains about one trillion tonnes of wood, which grows at a rate of 10 billion tonnes per year.


Advanced Colours

Colours, it is an expression of feelings, it becomes a statement of our character if it is bright or pastel colours that bring out the excitement in us or a life of passiveness.


Durable Furniture

Our furniture is made-to-please, the perfect and ultimate expression of personality. We strive to  give each of our customers exactly the furniture that suits them best.


Elegant Modern Designs

Our aim is to reconcile modern design with innovative technology and natural materials. True luxury is defined by quality, 50 years of tradition and craftmanship.


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1 Wedgewood Street, NW 7, Vanderbijlpark, 1911

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